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::Get Your Life - KissKissKiss::

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Alright, y'all!!!! I have been waiting for Kid Sister's mixtape to drop for weeks now, and she definitely did NOT disappoint! This mixtape will have your booty shakin' from beginning to end!

Chicago's jukin' music is a lot like Detroit's booty bounce club music, and the dance styles (juke vs. jit) are similar as well. Makes sense...Chicago is only a 5 hr drive from Detroit [my hometown, if you didn't know...]. If you want to see the difference between the two, check out this video.

Anywho, here's a track by track breakdown of the mixtape. If you haven't downloaded it yet, you can find it here.

1. Kissin-tro: Cute and appropriate intro to this booty shakin' masterpiece. I recognized samples from Lil' Louis's French Kiss, which was also sampled by Lil' Kim for Custom Made (Give It To You), and Prince's Kiss. She wins major points for using a Prince sample.

2. Kiss Kiss Kiss: Has a bubbly, reggae-ish feel to it. I can definitely see some dancing going on to this track - the kind of dancing you see in an upbeat Sean Paul video.

3. Work Them: Okay, this is one of my top three picks for favorite track. The intro to this cut reminds me a LOT of Detroit booty bounce, and it transitions smoothly to showcase Kid Sister's rhyming skills.

4. Green Velvet - Everybody Wants: This one has a slower tempo and slower delivery, but has a steady beat that maintains the booty shakin' vibes. It has a bit of a house music feel to it.

5. Carte Blanche - Do!Do!Do!: For some reason, this track is recalling strong memories of Crystal Waters. It might be Kid Sister's delivery, or the throwback composition of the track, but yeah....fond memories of Crystal Waters going on here.

6. Daydreaming (Douster remix): This track is a sort of chopped & screwed (-ish?) remix to one of the tracks on Kid Sister's LP Ultraviolet. Even though the track is slowed down, it doesn't lose any of its booty shakin' powers.

7. Lookout Weekend featuring Nina Sky: This one is a cute, gettin' ready to go to the club track.

8. Gucci Rag Top featuring Gucci Mane: This track called to mind MC Lucious's Boom I Got Your Boyfriend (LOL!), and Kid Sister's flow definitely rises to the occasion. Although she has slowed down her delivery for this track, she has infused it with all sorts of swagga-tastic awesomeness. I'll admit, I really don't care for Gucci Mane at all, but he does add to the track's appeal.

9. Click Clack (Show It Off): Okay...this one right here is my FAVORITE, first-round draft pick track. What won me over? This line (and Kid Sis's delivery of it): "You ain't that hot, put yo' jacket on b*tch. Love, Kid Sis." HAAAAAAAA! That line, plus the fact that it brings back memories of me and my girlfriends prancing through the club in a line, looking cute, makes this one a winner for me. (Kris likes this one too...)

10. Don't Stop Movin': This track is a pretty strong one too, and I can see people runnin' out to the dancefloor if the DJ plays this one. This is the second best track, in my {humble?} opinion. Now that I think about it, I should probably add this one to my workout playlist...

11. Right Hand Hi (Caspa remix): Right Hand Hi was undoubtedly the most popular track on Kid Sister's Ultraviolet, so it's only fitting that it receives a makeover on this mixtape. The track is mostly instrumental, and a combination between house and booty bounce / jukin' music. Plus, I love how she says "program" - "pro-ga-rummmm."

12. Paul Wall - Imma Get It: This one is okay...I don't like it as a standalone track, but it does help the transition into the last track on the mixtape.

13. Jo-DE-Ci featuring DJ Gant Man: opening up with a sample of K-Ci's wailing? Win! Man oh man, everybody in middle school had Jodeci boots...except me. I thought they were the ugliest things on earth, especially when everybody started pasting Band-Aids all over them like TLC. Anyways, this track is okay...I see this being played as one of the wind-down tracks in the club, right before last call.

All in all, I really enjoy the mixtape, and it's one of the few albums I can play from beginning to end, and enjoy all of it. The production is excellent, transitions from track to track are smooth, and there is definitely something for everyone to love. Plus, it's free! How can you beat that?

I've seen Kid Sister in concert a few times, and believe me folks...she puts on a fun and energy-packed show. If you have the chance, go catch her live. You won't be disappointed.

Until next time, KissKissKiss!

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