Monday, January 17, 2011

::Day Off::


I had today off because of the MLK Jr. holiday, and I'd say it was a day well spent...very relaxing! Kris and I met a friend at Snack Bar, which is one of my favorite lunch spots, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who visits Austin. There were lots of people out and about downtown, so there was some pretty interesting people-watching to be done as well.


My appetizer was the Okonomiyaki, a sort of hash cake made with leeks and cabbage, topped with sriracha, wasabi aioli, sesame seeds and green onions. It was very tasty, as you can see. {Notice the two forks? Kris got to it before I could take a picture...}


My lunch consisted of the Rockstar Bagel, which is basically your traditional bagel and lox, with extra capers on the side and herbed cream cheese. Yum!

After we finished lunch, Kris headed home and I decided to explore a bit and hit up some of my thrift stores. On the way there, I passed this scene:



It seems the Los Lonely Boys were filming a video! Hearing them sing on the street, in front of a crowd of people, was quite the unexpected treat!

I got some awesome stuff at my thrift stores (more on that later...) and dropped by Jo's Coffee to get a Chai Latte. I love Jo's...the vibe is so chill, everyone is friendly, and they embrace graffiti:


How could you NOT love a place like that? Their sandwiches are really good too.

Later on, I stopped by Half Price Books and found Mockingjay!I've been looking for a used copy of that since it came out. After I finish reading Freedom,I'm gonna start in on The Hunger Games trilogy.

All in all, a great day off! Hope you enjoyed your MLK Jr. Day too!

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