Wednesday, March 30, 2011

::SXSW, Day 4::

I gave up on wearing make-up for the rest of SXSW. It was just too hot and schweaty to even bother.

Later in the week, Ted and Coool Dundee of Damaged Good$ came to stay with us because they had a performance on Thursday night with Ghost Pizza. It's always a good time when they come to visit us, as you can see. ^That's Ted up above^ Kris should be doing a post on that performance soon. Here's what he has so far.

Coool Dundee, the other half of Damaged Good$.

We started the day off at Shangri-La...J- and company had alerted me that there were free drinks and music. Imagine my surprise when the free music ended up being artists like Friendly Fires and Theophilus London! I also spotted Mischa Barton there, but didn't want to be rude and take her picture without permission. My usual crew was there:

Lames lookin' cool as always!

I also met a new friend, A-. Chicks with more tattoos than me have a special place in my heart. Isn't that sleeve kick-ass?!

Well, speaking of chicks with tattoos, remember L- from the New Year's Eve slumber party?
She got the rest of her sleeve done, and it. is. AWESOME!

I was trying to take a picture of her cute plugs, but the sun got in the way. A nice picture, nonetheless.

Even little doggies want free drinks and music! LOL!

L- and I left Shangri-La a litle early so we could get in the line for Fader Fort, and we stopped at a pop-up food trailer park to get something to eat. It was there that we ran into this delightful character, Conquistador!

I just had to take his picture. Anybody with enough guts to wear that outfit deserves all the attention he got!

At the Fader Fort, I was able to skip the line because I was *ahem* "with the press." Shout out to the awesome security guard who let me skip the line! :P

There, I spotted yet another chick with a tattoo - this time, characters from my FAVORITE movie, Labyrinth. She told me that I was probably the 10th person who asked to take a picture of her arm, LOL. I just couldn't resist.

To be honest, as much as I lovelovelove that movie, I wouldn't get it tattooed on my arm. That girl had a lot of guts!

Ed McFarlane, the lead singer of Friendly Fires.

Yelawolf is NOT afraid to get up close and personal with his fans.

The main performer I wanted to see at Fader Fort that night was Raphael Saadiq, but he canceled (ultimate sad face...). I did catch Friendly Fires again, along with Twin Shadow and Yelawolf. All of the performers I saw did an great job, and Yelawolf was the stand-out performer of the night.

This was my first time attending the Fader Fort, and I had a GREAT time! It was definitely worth the 2 hour wait to get my wristband in the unforgiving Texas heat. :)

Stay tuned for another post covering the final days of my SXSW! Until then, XOXO!

Friday, March 25, 2011

::SXSW, Days 2 & 3::

{...and that we are! Keep reading...}

Days 2 and 3 of SXSW were probably the most crazy awesome days of my life thus far! After attending more panels at's TechMunch, I raced over to Buffalo Billiards for Mashable's annual Geek Games.

{insert big grin here}

It was a crazy couple of hours because I didn't think Kris was going to make it in time, and you needed at least 2 members on your team to participate. So I sweet-talked a nice guy into being on Team DIVAS & DORKS...and right when we get him into a team t-shirt, Kris comes in...just in time to start playing. The games went like this:

Day 1's events consisted of:

-ShuffleBoard (automatically advanced)
-Skifta Twister (automatically advanced)
-Pepsi Max Pong (beat the pants off the opposing team...and I've never played pong before!)

The Geek Games bracket after Day 1.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Romany Malco (of Weeds and 40 Year Old Virgin fame), who was the celebrity host of this year's Geek Games. He was super nice...he spoke with Kris and I about a possible return to Weeds for the 7th season. Here's hoping!

Yeah...excuse my frazzled appearance. It was a busy day. :)

After the games were over for the day, we were invited to come back as VIP guests for the MashHouse party. DJ Chicken George was rockin' the house, and Kris and I took full advantage of the open bar. Here's what I wore to the party:

Tunic: gifted / Sandals: Jeffrey Campbell via Urban Outfitters / Cardigan: Gap
Sorry...but I can't remember what makeup I was wearing. Most of it was MAC though.

Day 2 was even more hectic than Day 1! Kris wasn't able to make it in time, so I had to *ahem* lie to my friend K- to get her to come along with me so we would be eligible to play in the last 3 rounds. She was more than a lil miffed at me for misleading her, I'm not gonna piss her off any more by posting a picture of her.

Day 2's events consisted of:

-Sphero Bowling (SUPER cool...check it out here.)
-PlayStation 3 / Buzz Trivia
-PlayStation 3 / Sing Star Dance

{...insert sly grin...}

Sphero Bowling was OMG SUPER FUN! We practiced a bit before the games started, and we also watched other teams to figure out a winning strategy. Also, we got pretty plastered. And guess what?

IMG_0326 worked! BWAHAHAHAHAA!!!! DIVAS & DORKS advanced to the 5th round.

{Disclaimer: since we were so plastered, my pictures from Day 2 sucked. Just a warning.}

I am usually pretty good at trivia games anyway, and so we kicked ASS at Buzz Trivia! K- and I pretty much stayed in 1st and 2nd place for the entire game, so we were a shoe-in for the win. Do I sound like a douchebag for being so happy that we mopped the floor with that team? If so, whatev...they tried to do us dirty and lost. Sorry dudes. :P

And this is the part where Kris shows up....just in time for the FINAL ROUND!

I should probably point out that I am also unbeatable at the karaoke portion of Sing Star...but I have never done the dance part. So I had to BEG K- to swallow her pride and show off her dance moves so we could win this thing. Best 2 out of 3 songs:

-Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun (WIN)
-Soulja Boy - Crank That
(LOST...ONLY because I was singing the wrong lines for half the song...eEp! O_o)
-Outkast (Andre 3000) - Hey Ya! (WIN) you know what THAT means...


That's right.




To tell the truth, Team KILLAZ gave us a run for our $$$$....the game was THAT close. And they were really good sports about not winning, so I gave them all hugs. :)

Wanna know what we won?

- TWO PS3's with 2 Buzz Trivia party packs, 2 SingStar Dance party packs (with 2 microphones and 1 motion controller each...), 2 copies of Motion Sports, and 2 Karaoke Revolution party packs. I gave one of each to K- for being such a good sport. (Needless to say, she wasn't mad anymore after all that...)


- a new 46" Sony Internet TV. *jaw drop* This is seriously the most awesome gadget I have ever seen in life.

...not to brag y'all, but I have NEVER won anything in my LIFE. And all this on top of the fact that Kris had been laid off that morning and I was seriously freaking out about it. (No worries, we're ok...)


After the excitement died down, we were invited to come back to the VIP dinner and party that evening. We went and hung out for a bit, but we went home early. I was exhausted!


SUPER happy at the VIP dinner...

All in all, an unexpectedly jubilant ending to a day that started out pretty shitty.

I have MUCH more to tell about the rest of SXSW, so stay tuned! I promise the rest is coming soon!

Until then, XOXO! (leave some comment love!)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

::Dearly Departed::

RIP to the irreplaceable, graceful and undeniably beautiful Elizabeth Taylor.

Friday, March 18, 2011

::SXSW Day 1::

En route
Headed out for Day 1 of SXSW Interactive.
Top: Rodarte for Target / Hat: Urban Outfitters / Sunglasses: Dior
Face: MAC Golden Lariat Mineralizer (my new favorite!) from the Wonder Woman collection; MAC Oyster Girl Lipglass

That time of year has arrived...when people from all over the world descend upon Austin, TX for a festival celebrating all sorts of media! South by Southwest has been a spring break tradition for me, and this year got pretty exciting! Day 1 consisted of:

Hanging out with fellow bloggers at's Techmunch Conference, which was a lot of fun!
Plus, Whole Foods sent us home with a little gift:
My Bag o' Swag from Whole Foods. Good lookin' out!

Heading to Lames's Backyard Birthday Bash...complete with Bounce House!
Jeans: J Brand / Handbag: Aldo

L- laughing it up. She is totally rocking that hat!

Havin' a grand ole time!

How cute is this?! I totally want to steal it and hang it in my bathroom!

Kris was having a great time as was hard getting him out of the door!

Chanel, the canine mistress of the house, was pooped.

After dragging ourselves away from the fun at Lames's house, we headed downtown for a networking event hosted by DigitalLA.
But the highlight of my night was this:
Ohhhh yes. They couldn't have picked a better name for this food cart.
I rarely get a chance to get a late night snack from Best Wurst, but I seriously love their Italian Sausage. *DrOoL*

Soooo effing good. If you're ever in Austin, you can catch them on 6th Street at night. Best post-drinking food ever!

I'll be posting more pictures of my days and nights at SXSW soon! Stay tuned! :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

::Ohhhhh, Yes::

I know what I'm reading next: Norwegian Wood.

{found: courtesy of Nowness)

::Quickie - Link Love::

{Picture Credit: Jillian Tamaki / NY Times}

Some interesting articles about race / ethnicity in the fashion world I've stumbled across in the last couple weeks:

NY Times Op-Ed column: High Fascism - John Galliano's recent tirade and subsequent firing from Dior and how it ties in with France's past relationship with facism. I have loved Galliano for years, and his recent scandal saddens me - but the author brings up some interesting points.

New York Magazine: Why Fashion Keeps Tripping Over Race - The use of black models and black face in high fashion. Taboo? The author delves into the history of ethnic models of the fashion world. A compelling read.
{Courtesy of the girls over at Go Fug Yourself}