Sunday, April 24, 2011



Clockwise from right:
Pink Lemonade Lipglass {gifted!} / Bubble Tea Plushglass / Naked Lunch Frost Eyeshadow {gifted!} / Mischievous Mint Nail Lacquer

In other news, my crazy busy month is almost over! Huge post coming soon!

'Til then, XOXO!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

::Birthday Wishes::

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My birthday is coming up, and so instead of privately obsessing over my wishlist, I thought I'd share it with you all!
Here's what I have my eye on this spring:

The A-Different-Stripe Maxi Dress from Anthropologie.

The Canvas Boardwalk Brogue from Madewell.

A bottle of Miss Dior Cherie.

The nail polishes from MAC's Quite Cute collection.
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The first season of Treme.

A copy of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.
{I've been wanting to read this FOREVER and I can never find a copy when I go to the bookstore!}

What do you all have your eyes on this spring? Have you been window shopping and had something catch your eye? Share your find below in the comments section!

Until next time, XOXO!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

::SXSW, Final Days::

{Again, I went out sans makeup and in my "getting dirty" clothes. It was a long day}

The last couple days of SXSW, we had some more friends (Taro-kun and M-) come to stay with us, so we had a full house! I had some cool pictures of Taro and M- on their 10-speeds, but I seem to have "lost" them. So sad...they are so cute!

Anyways, I went to Fader Fort's last day with Kris and Coool Dundee...I went to see Bon Iver play with his old college band, DeYarmond Edison. Kris and Coool wanted to see Lil' B, so we ended up staying there pretty much all day. Let's just say that by the time SXSW was over, I needed a vacation from my vacation, LOL.

Here are a few shots I got throughout the day...

New Era set up a photo booth to "advertise" their hats...and if you took a REALLY good picture, you got to keep the hats you had on. Kris wasn't really in a creative mood, so we didn't get to keep our hats. *sniffle*

I was looking for the port-a-potties, and guess who I found! A-Trak! Love him! :) His bro David (1/2 of Chromeo) was there also, but a bunch of jokers jumped in my shot with the two of them. Needless to say, I was more than a little peeved. I first met A-Trak backstage at a Kanye West concert in 2004, while he was touring with Kanye as his "in-house" DJ. He had on a kick-ass pirate t-shirt that I tried to steal from him. My attempt was unsuccessful, LOL.

Spoek Mathambo did a great job, rocking tha house...

One of my most FAV artists, Bon Iver, playing with DeYarmond Edison. They did a cover of a Donny Hathaway song that was wonderful! (Wish I could remember which song, waaaaahhh)

And the surprise of the night was the appearance of:
This dude right here: Diddy. The crowd went NUTS.

Lil' B's performance was not at all what I expected, but I kind of like him. He spoke a lot between songs about how people need to love each other and how he really appreciated all of the support from his fans. He has a HUGE following. Definitely a "rare" (LOL) thing to see a humble rapper.

Diddy initially came out to introduce Lil' B, but then he came out after Lil' B's set to rap a few of his old hits. The crowd rapped along too, and it was pretty awesome. I'm not a huge fan, but you have to respect the man for getting his hustle on. Then, quite unexpectedly, Odd Future (ODWGKTA) came out and Kris warned me to make a break for the stands. He was right to warn me...cuz shit got REAL CRAZY when they came out. I don't like being pushed around, so I generally stay away when people start moshing. I still got some beer thrown on me (I wasn't the intended target, but I got it anyway...) before I made it safely out of the crowd. :(

All in all, the best (and craziest) SXSW experience I've had since we moved to Austin. Hopefully next year's will be even better!

Until next time, XOXO