Wednesday, March 30, 2011

::SXSW, Day 4::

I gave up on wearing make-up for the rest of SXSW. It was just too hot and schweaty to even bother.

Later in the week, Ted and Coool Dundee of Damaged Good$ came to stay with us because they had a performance on Thursday night with Ghost Pizza. It's always a good time when they come to visit us, as you can see. ^That's Ted up above^ Kris should be doing a post on that performance soon. Here's what he has so far.

Coool Dundee, the other half of Damaged Good$.

We started the day off at Shangri-La...J- and company had alerted me that there were free drinks and music. Imagine my surprise when the free music ended up being artists like Friendly Fires and Theophilus London! I also spotted Mischa Barton there, but didn't want to be rude and take her picture without permission. My usual crew was there:

Lames lookin' cool as always!

I also met a new friend, A-. Chicks with more tattoos than me have a special place in my heart. Isn't that sleeve kick-ass?!

Well, speaking of chicks with tattoos, remember L- from the New Year's Eve slumber party?
She got the rest of her sleeve done, and it. is. AWESOME!

I was trying to take a picture of her cute plugs, but the sun got in the way. A nice picture, nonetheless.

Even little doggies want free drinks and music! LOL!

L- and I left Shangri-La a litle early so we could get in the line for Fader Fort, and we stopped at a pop-up food trailer park to get something to eat. It was there that we ran into this delightful character, Conquistador!

I just had to take his picture. Anybody with enough guts to wear that outfit deserves all the attention he got!

At the Fader Fort, I was able to skip the line because I was *ahem* "with the press." Shout out to the awesome security guard who let me skip the line! :P

There, I spotted yet another chick with a tattoo - this time, characters from my FAVORITE movie, Labyrinth. She told me that I was probably the 10th person who asked to take a picture of her arm, LOL. I just couldn't resist.

To be honest, as much as I lovelovelove that movie, I wouldn't get it tattooed on my arm. That girl had a lot of guts!

Ed McFarlane, the lead singer of Friendly Fires.

Yelawolf is NOT afraid to get up close and personal with his fans.

The main performer I wanted to see at Fader Fort that night was Raphael Saadiq, but he canceled (ultimate sad face...). I did catch Friendly Fires again, along with Twin Shadow and Yelawolf. All of the performers I saw did an great job, and Yelawolf was the stand-out performer of the night.

This was my first time attending the Fader Fort, and I had a GREAT time! It was definitely worth the 2 hour wait to get my wristband in the unforgiving Texas heat. :)

Stay tuned for another post covering the final days of my SXSW! Until then, XOXO!


c said...

Oh noes!! Why did Saadiq cancel?

Girl in the World said...

I still haven't found that out. I was super sad though...I love him!