Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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Kris and I finally went to see Black Swan about a week ago, and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. The costuming, make-up, choreography, direction and not least of all, the acting were all superb. It definitely inspired me to return to my dance classes!


I won't go into a summary of the plot, but there is much more to this film than what appears on surface level. For me, the most intriguing aspect of the plot is the duality in the characters, which is reflected in the roles of the White Swan and the Black Swan. Duality is a part of human nature, and the roles that Nina [Natalie Portman] is asked to play in the ballet company's production simply place this duality under a microscope. Nina is inherently good, and must learn how to be a "bad girl" from her rival Lily [Mila Kunis] in order to secure her role as the Swan Queen. Nina gets a glimpse of her not-so-rosy future in her foil, Beth [Winona Ryder]. All in all, a very intricate plot which deserves further analysis. :)

The design house Rodarte was responsible for all of the costuming, even the warm-ups worn by the actors and dancers. I am a costume FREAK, and I might be reaching here, but I think the costumes will at least get an Oscar nod. The make-up was great as well, and of course the MUAs used my favorite cosmetic line [ case you didn't know...] to pull off the looks.

Only two theaters in town were showing the film, one of them being the Arbor, which exclusively shows independent / limited release films. They had painted the windows in a wonderful art deco design for the film, and later I realized that they took the design from these wonderful international promo posters, designed by the firm LaBoca.

[I'm especially partial to this one...]




If you visit LaBoca's website, you can buy t-shirts with these designs from their shop. If you want the poster, I found them at They don't match anything in my house, but I'll find way to put it up on a wall somewhere!

Have you been to see Black Swan yet? What are your impressions? Leave a comment below!

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