Thursday, December 23, 2010

::A Conversation::

So I was up late last night folding laundry and watching Netflix, when I get a call from my old roommate, C-. She explained that her almost-5-year-old daughter had a question for me and handed the phone over to S-. The conversation went a little something like this:

Me: Hey S-, whatcha doin'?

S-: We are going home from the water park!
[They had spent the last couple days at an indoor water park.] Can I ask you a question?

Me: Sure! What do you want to know?

S-: How does God make people grow?
[She had to repeat this question a few times, as it is still hard for me to understand her on the phone.]

Me: Well, I heard that God makes people out of dough, like cookies...and he bakes them in His oven!

S-: {after a pause} Mom says to stop playin' and tell me the truth!

Me: {puzzled...I haven't a clue what C- has told her} Well, that's what I heard! Let me speak to Mommy real quick.

...after some more almost-five-year-old small talk...

Me: WHAT did you tell her?! I told her that God makes people out of cookie dough and bakes them in his oven!

C-: I told her the truth...the sperm meets the egg, burrows into the egg and then the cell starts to divide and eventually turns into a fetus. She understood all of that, but she didn't understand HOW people grow from two small cells. I told her God makes it happen....and she said "I'll bet Catherine knows."

{insert raucous laughter here}

At this point I should probably explain that C- has a dual bachelor's degree in Physiology and Psychology, and has worked in multiple genetic research labs. S- spent many days in her baby chair at the lab while C- worked.

Me: Why didn't you TELL me that before you gave her the phone?! Only YOU would give her the most clinical explanation there is. And only SHE would understand you and ask the simple but complex question: HOW? There is no HOW, God just makes it happen...because he's God.

C-: I KNOW! That's what I told her, but she didn't believe me.

Me: She's scary smart.

Like....really? I always said S- had an old soul, that she had been around before, but almost every time me and C- talk, she's got a story about S- that knocks my socks off. It'll be most interesting to see what she uses those brains for. :)

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