Saturday, November 27, 2010

::Pizza Face, Part 1::

So after much frustration and deliberation (...and research...) I decided to give Clinique's Even Better Dark Spot Corrector. After moving to Texas, I have experienced earth-shattering *monthly* breakouts that leave me with spots - a problem I didn't really have in Michigan.


I went to my favorite place (Nordstrom Barton Creek) and had a chat with Eleanor at the Clinique counter. If you live in Austin, go talk to her, she's REALLY helpful. (She FUSSED at me about touching my face! Like my mom would! Which means that she will be getting all my Clinique business from now on!)

Anyway, after describing my problem to her, she recommended that I try the the Dark Spot Corrector and the Acne Solutions Post Blemish Formula. I got a really great deal because for $49.50 (the normal price of the Dark Spot Corrector), I also got a gift bag with the Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer AND the 7 Day Scrub Cream. Eleanor also gave me a sample of the Acne Solutions Clearing Moisturizer to work into my skin care regimen.


Skin Care Regimen

In the AM and the PM, I was washing my face with Aveeno's Exfoliating Wash, but I noticed that it wasn't as effective as it had been. I had my mom send me a cake of African Black Soap (the REAL deal...not the bar soap you see in Target)and I have been using that for about a month. Although it didn't totally eliminate my monthly plague, the blemishes were noticeably smaller...but they still erupted like mini volcanoes and left spots in their wake. After I wash, I tone with Clean and Clear (orange formula...the strongest kind) and moisturize with Cetaphil 15 SPF Daily Moisturizer. I will be changing my moisturizer to Cetaphil 50 SPF Daily Moisturizer when I start using the Even Better, because you MUST use SPF with this product.

I'll be updating periodically with results, so stay tuned for the next episode of Pizza Face!


cneal said...

I had the same problem a few years back. I incorporated the following in my routine and have been doing ok ever since!

- Cetaphil Antibacterial Soap (warning, it's drying) and their regular cleanser
- Organic Virgin Coconut Oil as a moisturizer
- Regular baking soda to exfoliate

Hope you find your remedy! =)

Girl in the World said...

It's interesting that you use baking soda to exfoliate! I always used white sugar mixed in with my cleanser if I ran out of my Aveeno exfoliating wash. Right now, I'm using the Clinique 7-day scrub (only once or twice a week for now...) and it's not too harsh on my face. I have been getting more and more blemishes though, and I'm not sure if it's the Even Better or the heavier moisturizer I switched to. I guess I'll be experimenting for a while....